How We Work!

How We Work!

With our Hearts… Guts… and Brains!

We know how bosses and companies think. Most importantly, we know what you want.

Our business model is very different from the current trend. Most job sites either make the company pay for the recruitment post they advertise or bill the company based on a certain percentage of the new employee's monthly salary. Candidates get to put up their resume for free, hoping to get a match or be selected by employers, but they usually don’t get any response at all!

Each job posting will only be “LIVE” for 2 weeks. This ensures that all postings and positions are not outdated, so job seekers can get access to the latest recruitment opportunities. With our sophisticated back office system and user-friendly interface, posting job recruitments, reviewing resumes and communicating with "potential candidates" will be at your fingertips. This makes hiring the "perfect" employee hassle free

For Candidates,

All Premium Access Users will be able to enjoy the full features of JobQuest365. These are carefully designed and developed for anyone looking for a job. With a "one-time payment" of a small token, you benefit from:

  • Lifetime access to all JobQuest365 features for Candidates,
  • Full access to Free & Premium User Dashboard,
  • Unlimited access to all Job and Project recruitment postings,
  • Unlimited access to Task Section where you can earn extra income,
  • Uploading of personal Resumes,
  • And much more...
  • If you feel that a small token is too MUCH to pay for on opportunity to land you your dream job, you can also register as a Free Access User, where you can sign up for FREE. (Link to Signup page)

    You will still be able to enjoy features like:

  • Complete Access to Free User Dashboard
  • Creation of personal profile,
  • Unlimited Access to Task Section, to earn extra income
  • Still pondering on upgrading to a Premium Access Account? Check out the exciting features waiting for YOU! (View Features: Click Here)